TIA Newsletter #8 (November 11, 2019)

IMG_8397TIA Newsletter #8 provides links to important files that coordinators, directors and staff members should read.  Please read the newsletter and download files for your use.  Also, important details concerning TIA response to a few WGI-related rules changes is included.

TIA Newsletter 20-08 111119

TIA Newsletter #7 (November 4, 2019)

perc1Our 7th newsletter in preparation for the 2020 TIA season introduces our percussion facilitator, Frank Franko.  A few of Frank’s duties are supervising percussion judges during marching band and indoor seasons, providing educational sessions during clinics and seminars, and organizing the percussion showcase in Wildwood.

TIA provides affordable educational performance opportunities to marching and standstill drumlines who can compete as scholastic or independent organizations in an array of classes based on skill levels.  Frank can answer all your questions pertaining to Tournament’s offerings for percussion.

TIA Newsletter 20-07 110419


WINDI DOWNLOADS for Week #7 – Region/State Championship weekend:
TOB NJ STATE   19/26   73%
TOB-1A   14/19   74%
TOB-1O   8/15     53%
TOB-2     0/9        0%
TOB-4     7/8       86%
TOB-5     13/16   81%
TOB-6     12/13   93%
TOB-8     3/9       33%
TOB-9     17/25   68%
TOB-10A  ?
TOB-10O  12/20   60%
TOB-11    2/12   17%
TOB-13    3/9     33%
TOTALS:   110/181   61%

TIA Newsletter (#20-05)

Liz-Barnhart-HeadShot3TIA Newsletter #5 begins a series of features which introduce our caption heads and facilitators.  Liz Barnhart, TIA Twirling Facilitator, is highlighted in this edition.  Unit directors are encouraged to open a line of communication with Liz for twirling-related questions and information.


Information relating to the Drum Corps Xperience (Bill Ives drum corps and marching arts collections) can also be found in this newsletter.  Bill is looking to expand his TIA/TOB/NJA memorabilia.  Anyone interested in assisting in this project can contact Liz for details.

TIA Newsletter 20-05 102119