2019 TOB Placemats Published

The 2019 TOB Placemats for all classes are published and housed in the TOB tab, along with a resource entitled Anatomy of the TOB Placemats.


Mascot Mania Update

Register your mascot for our 2nd Annual Mascot Mania. If you want to participate in the 2nd Annual Mascot Mania, please complete registration via this form. Remember to include your mascot person in your registration info and unit count. Any questions, email to education@njatob.org.

Newest Mascot to join us, Tundra! Welcome to the party, Tundra!



More TIA Resources!

Here are five new resources for TIA 2019. Thanks to the committee of Brian Kenny, Shelly Campbell, Diane Yednak, Justin Smith, and Brian Lincoln for pulling this material together. This is a great one-stop shop for a lot of info.

The New Philosphy of Numbers- No Longer Performer over the book

2019 TIA Placemats (Sheets) and Judge Commentary

Classification, Promotion and Reclassification Process for 2019

Design Analysis vs General Effect

Where to Find Information