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Hey All!     Check yourself for this weekend!
Rookie Mistakes:
• Letting your personal anxiety set the tone and mood of the day –Performers will mirror your model. Stay calm and always in control. Leaders are ALWAYS leading! Even when you don’t know it.

• Not getting to the show-site early – Really?
• Not showing up for your sound-check – Inexcusable!
• Not having a clear plan for warm ups – This is your job too!
• Not having a first-aid kit at all times – This is not a surprise you want to figure out in real time. Be prepared!
• Not keeping your own time for warm-up areas
• Not keeping the focus during the transitions between warm-ups and the performance space – This is a critical transition that can make or break your performance
• Letting parents or support staff determine the tone/mood as performers meet the floor and the props – Good intentions can end with bad results here. The mood and tone is yours to set and all variables have to be managed by you.
• Setting up the floor backwards – This sets the expectation for the audience and judges.
• Not telling the performers where front is so they can set their
equipment properly – This is more common than you would expect. Make
them point to front before they go in!
• Not squaring the floor to the front sideline – This small issue can be an unsettling distraction that your performers discover only after they have started. If you have a support team setting your floor, you MUST rehearse this with them!
• Not having your backup music ready and available – Delay of show is a huge penalty and can mean a “one-and-done” day for you.
• Not having a staff person at the sound table – Someone has to make the call quickly if there is a sound issue.
• Not rehearsing set-up and tear-down – This impacts your total timing.
• Not meeting with the performers to reflect on the performance – The performers need to self-assess. They want to hear your thoughts too!…BEFORE they see their score.
• Not discussing their performance potential relative to the actual performance, in reflecting on success – You have to connect the way they rehearse to the way they perform. Skills and training create Finalists! Hoping for the perfect performance without ever seeing it in rehearsal suggests that someone else might need to take them to the show.
• Focusing on scores instead of placements and spreads – Early season numbers are not a science and the relativity across the country doesn’t really manifest until week 3 or 4. You should have already taken an educational step with your performers regarding competition as a motivator. You, as an instructor, need to check yourself before you get off that bus.
• Not discussing the next step for the group before leaving the site – You must use these performances as motivation. Let the performers be your partners in the competitive/creative process.
• Not preparing for critique if you have one. This is your time to get a reflection. Don’t waste it!
• Waiting for others to tell you “what to do” -Unless you are completely finished, no one else will be able to fill in the blanks of your vision except for you. We are only guessing at this point. The sketch is not the painting! Filter your input through your plan and the reality of where you really are at this time.

You are setting your standard for the year! Have the best run of the year! …and then
make sure it becomes your worst!
Be Brilliant!


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