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If you use WINDI PLAYER iOS/Apple you can ignore this.

The most recent information from our tech staff:
The recent android update for phones has a wifi connect issue with multiple wifi sources in an area. Not all signals are identified and connecting to android devices. If you are using an android device with WINDI PLAYER your device may or may not recognize/connect to the AT SHOW wifi this weekend. This is not a bug in WINDI PLAYER but in the android system update we all got on our phones recently . . . . . 
If you/staff have iOS/Apple WINDI PLAYER, there is no device connection issue and you may download as usual.
If you/staff have android WINDI PLAYER, your device may or may not connect to download, depending on your area and signals around your site.
This weekend:
1. Tab/tech judges may have a few available ipads for band directors with android connect/download issues to use next to the pressbox for listening on site. Make sure you know WINDI USER/PW for your account to log in. Sharing/sending files is NOT an option with these ipads. 
2. All WINDI files will be uploaded to www.njatob.org by Monday morning, as usual, for school downloading/sharing/sending.
Information from last weekend’s on-site connection and download reports from band directors/coordinators helped to identify and track down this android device issue!

Thank you for your patience.


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