Welcome to NJA Education 2 – For Our Educators!

Welcome to NJA’s newest outreach effort for our member educators. We hope this blog will provide many resources for our directors, staff, parents, and fans. As we move forward with this effort, here are some thoughts we have on the blog and how you can become a part of getting this up and running, and keeping it current, relevant, and timely.

We are not married to any structure here. The tabs you see are a first stab. If we find we need to add a tab for Booster Groups, for instance, we can do that. Our hope is that our contributors will help shape the structure and content of the blog.

If you are interested in writing content for NJAEducation2, feel free. Send it off to NJAEducation2@njatob.org. Here are some topics to get the brain rolling.

  • Running a contest
  • Searching for staff
  • Exploring hidden resources in your school/community
  • Music education resources
  • Tips and tricks you have learned
  • Forming an effective booster group
  • Show planning
  • I just got a new job – Help!
  • How do I join Tournament and get the most out of my membership
  • Starting a new group

The list could go on and on. We are working on some content specific to our judging system and resources.

We have uploaded content in the TOB tab concerning the structure of the TOB Placemats. Check it out!

Hope to hear from many of you, and hope to publish much of your wisdom, knowledge, expertise, and insights.


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