TIA Newsletter (#20-05)

Liz-Barnhart-HeadShot3TIA Newsletter #5 begins a series of features which introduce our caption heads and facilitators.  Liz Barnhart, TIA Twirling Facilitator, is highlighted in this edition.  Unit directors are encouraged to open a line of communication with Liz for twirling-related questions and information.


Information relating to the Drum Corps Xperience (Bill Ives drum corps and marching arts collections) can also be found in this newsletter.  Bill is looking to expand his TIA/TOB/NJA memorabilia.  Anyone interested in assisting in this project can contact Liz for details.

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acclogo__1_The 2019 TOB ACC schedules were emailed to all 131 registered ACC Band Directors and are now available on our website – see link on front page for TOB ACC INFORMATION. Additional information is available: maps, FAQ, planning for directors, reminders, video order forms and more!


Some stats for the weekend of October 12-13 – showing more participation each week!

TOB-13 Southern Garrett    1/10    10%
TOB-8 McKeesport    3/9    33%
TOB-9 Parkside    3/7    43%
TOB-11 Johnstown    4/11    36%
TOB-10 Hanover Park    8/16    50%
TOB-5 Musselman    7/13    54%
TOB-10 Woodbridge    14/25    56%
TOB-9 Cab Calloway    8/14    57%
TOB-1 West Deptford    15/23    65%
TOB-1 Deptford    19/23    83%
TOB-6 West Shore    14/16    88%
TOB-4 Williamsport    10/11    90%
TOB-10 Gov Livingston    10/10    100% – free hot dogs for these bands(LOL)
TOTALS: 116/188    62%


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Welcome to TOB Region Championship weekend and your final critique of the 2019 season. Preparing for your season finale starts this week – with your final opportunity to discuss progress and details of your 2019 production. Read through the document below with  a few tips from experienced directors, coordinators and facilitators.


TIA Newsletter (#20-04)

The fourth edition of the TIA Newsletter provides some information for directors of Regional A Class color guards, as well as for 2020 TIA contest hosts.

WWguard2If you are the director of a color guard who will be competing in the Regional A Class during the 2020 season, you will want to see the educational opportunities that are available for you.  But Hurry!  Registration ends soon for the consultation group.

Any unit or organization which is hosting a 2020 TIA contest should also read the newsletter for some information on completing your contract and sending the registration fee.  Once you’ve submitted the contract and fee, your show will open for registration by units who want to attend your contest!  Don’t delay!

TIA Newsletter 20-04 101419