TOB2020As announced previously, if you missed our zoom sessions last week – here is your third, and final, opportunity to get the initial TOB 2020 information.
Tournament of Bands 2020 information for Band Directors:
Tuesday, July 7 – 7:00 PM     LINK
Please list your name and school as you access the meeting. You will need to view the screen for this presentation.


TOB2020Tournament of Bands 2020 information for Band Directors:
July 1 – 7:00 PM     TOB West: TOB-13, 11, 8, 6, 5, 4
July 2 – 7:00 PM     TOB East: TOB-10, 9, 7, 3, 2, 1

If you are not available the night listed for your region, feel free to join in the other session.  Please list your name and school as you access the meeting. You will need to view the screen for this infomation.


timetoplanTournament Indoor Association members are reminded to forward all TIA rule proposals to your TIA Region Coordinator for submission to TIA Director Justin Smith.  Please check the information email forwarded by your Region Coordinator for proper format and submission dates.


FB 5.15.20 MTGTOURNAMENT OF BANDS participated in a regional meeting for directors and administrators from numerous marching band and performing arts associations.

Joining TOB administration were leaders from Cavalcade of Bands, Maryland Marching Band Association, New Jersey Marching Band Directors Association, New York State Field Band Conference, and USBands who met via Zoom to specifically talk about this coming marching band season.

A wide variety of perspectives and understandings were included in the conversation and information shared during the meeting. The health and safety of all involved in marching band programs and events is firmly the primary focus of each organization. Obviously, decisions made by state and local governments and school administration will provide all with a better idea of how to proceed with the upcoming 2020 season.

Tournament is proud to be an active member of the performing arts organizations so committed to support marching band programs. Tournament of Bands provides opportunities for education and performances for marching bands across 9 states in the mid-Atlantic region.


info2Mark Despotakis, NJA member and participant/member/chair of several research teams and national organizations including NAfME, NAMM, PMEA and more, offers updates and advice to our TOB Band Directors at each of our zoom sessions.

Mark Despotakis, offered advocay and support information for TOB Directors to consider.  Items discussed/presented at our June Zoom:
A. NFHS Information available for review – suggested guidelines for schools
B. CBDNA Report information released and covers collegiate band activities
C. ESSER Grant Applications open and work with your school administration
D. NAMM virtual summit 6.16.20 all invited to free event
E. Aerosol Study by University Colorado & Maryland in progress with summer report
F. States/counties/districts are going to set their guidelines within(or above) CDC and other national agencies as we progress – every school will be different

What are you doing to show your community the importance of your music program to your students, families, school and community? How will you make music important to students, families, schools, and your community for a positive return to school?

Contact Mark:


Thank you to all the TOB Band Directors participating in our June 1-2-3 Zoom sessions.


We can set up a 45 minute(approximate) discussion group on a specific topic – rather than numerous topics in our general meetings. Suggestions that have been offered by directors – need  2 directors to facilitate the topic. Contact Jeff Dent at with additonal topics and claim a session you and partner are willing to handle. Once events have been set, we will publish links on NJAEDUCATION2.

  1. Recruitment of new/incoming band members
  2. Student leaders and working with sections/groups
  3. Running boosters and fundraising through summer
  4. Summer rehearsal planning for musicians
  5. Summer rehearsal planning for auxiliary
  6. How can TOB evolve to accommodate the “activity”
  7. Developing staff in house or recruitment
  8. How to run a successful TOB show
  9. Planning/developing A Class program
  10. Sharing advocacy plans that worked in my/his/her school
  11. Engaging students and parents through summer
  12. Why Festival Class is my choice for TOB 2020