adam larson 2See the 3 links below for some  3-5 minute warm-up exercises from Adam Larson. Adam was our TIA ACC Jazz Saxophone MasterClass educator a few years ago. For many more samples, exercises and educational videos, follow Adam on instagram  @adamlarsonjazz

Adam Larson Warm-Up #1
Adam Larson Warm-Up #2
Adam Larson Warm-Up #3


78armybandElementary Band Directors: Our resident beginner instrument expert, SFC Greeson has updated our Education Outreach playlist on our YouTube channel. Check out these brief beginner band trouble shooting videos for tips and tricks to use with your students during Remote Learning!…
Seven helpful videos – 3-10 minutes each. Thank you to SFC Nicholas Greeson, NJA Ensemble Music Facilitator!


Masterclass: Elementary Clarinet

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PLEASE NOTE: This class is designed specifically for ELEMENTARY AGED students beginning on the clarinet.

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SPC DeAnna Zecchin will be presenting a brief masterclass on beginning clarinet with the focus on proper technique while playing, troubleshooting, and fundamental warm ups. During this class SPC Zecchin will being by going over proper breath support, embouchure and articulation. She will then go over some trouble shooting problems that beginning clarinets face and end the class by putting all of these topics together with some simple warm ups. SPC Zecchin is an Elementary Band Director for the Indian River School District. She holds a music education degree from West Chester University of PA.


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Masterclass: Song Writing

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CW3 Luis Santiago will be presenting a class on songwriting fundamentals. We will look at song structure, styles, and borrowing vs plagiarism. CW3 Santiago has written songs for the Latin market recorded by Grammy Artists such as NG2, Oscarito, and Quique Domenech. He has also produced recordings for the government of Puerto Rico both in-studio and live events and has been an adjudicator for the Bogota Music Market (BOMM). He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in Professional Music and earned a Master of Music in Songwriting from Bath Spa University, England.


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Friday, March 27 – 2:00 PM


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SPC Dougherty is a Trombonist for the 78th Army Band. SPC Dougherty comes from Upper Darby, PA. She has been playing trombone for 16 years, going to Indiana University of Pennsylvania and receiving her bachelors degree in Music Education. She’s played with various groups, from the Upper Darby Sousa Band to Upper Darby Summer Stage’s Mainstage productions. Her masterclass will include some basic breathing techniques and trombone slide technique, as well as talking about how to properly maintain your trombone and touching on articulation.


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Trumpet Basics Masterclass

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This lesson will focus on the fundamentals of playing the trumpet to include: buzzing, breathing, and tone production. Please have your mouthpiece and instrument with you so we can do this together!

Staff Sergeant Lutter is a trumpet player in the 78th Army Band. He plays in the Brass Quintet currently and has been a member of the Rock Band horn section form most of his Army career. On the civilian side, Mr. Lutter is an elementary band director teaching 5th and 6th grade students in Fairfax County Public Schools in Fairfax, VA. In addition to teaching elementary band students full time, he works with Middle School and High School students teaching trumpet/brass sectionals in the Northern Virginia area. He is a graduate of James Madison University and has a Bachelors degree in music education.